WP Formulation Jet Milling and Mixing System

                            This jet mill and mixing system for agrochemical perfectly integrates our mature jet mill technology, mixing technology and intelligent control technology. It can meet the special process requirements of milling and mixing of various pesticides. Through special design, there is no dust flying during the working process, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.

                            Model QYF-150 QYF-260 QYF-400 QYF-600 QYF- 720
                            Production Capacity(kg/h) 5-100 50-200 80-380 200-500 400-1000
                            Air Consumption(m3/min) 3 6 10 20 40
                            Working Pressure(MPa) 0.75-0.85 0.75-0.85 0.75-0.85 0.75-0.85 0.75-0.85
                            Feed Diameter(mesh) 60-325 60-325 60-325 60-325 60-325
                            Grinding Size(μm) 0.5-30 0.5-30 0.5-30 0.5-30 0.5-30

                            The whole system is remote controlled by the touch screen. Materials are transported by the negative pressure air flow and the draught device installed in the feeding port ensures no dust flying. The double spiral mixers guarantee sufficient and even mixing. The milling process uses the fluidized bed jet mill principle with high working efficiency and the particle size distribution is uniform. In addition, the discharge outlet can be directly connected to an automatic packaging machine.

                            Flowchart of the Jet Milling and Mixing System for Agrochemical
                            A. Continuous model, applied to mass production

                            1. Draught Fan
                            2. Cyclone Separator
                            3. Dust Collector
                            4. Mixer
                            5. Filter
                            6. Jet Mill
                            7. Batching Area
                            8. Feeding Device
                            9. Packaging Equipment

                            B. Continuous model, applied to mass production

                            1. Outlet Valve
                            2. Cyclone Separator
                            3. Mixer
                            4. Flexible Connection
                            5. Dust Collector
                            6. Cyclone Separator
                            7. Water Film Scrubber
                            8. Draught Fan

                            C. Simplified model, applied to small batch production

                            1. Feeding Device
                            2. Outlet Valve
                            3. Cyclone Separator
                            4. Dust Collector
                            5. Cyclone Separator
                            6. Flexible Connection
                            7. Jet Mill
                            8. Draught Fan
                            9. Water Film Scrubber

                            Miyou Group is a specialized jet mill and mixing system for agrochemical manufacturer and supplier in China. Apart from jet mill system, we also offer sand mill, bead mill system, special seal for sand mill, reactor, Air Classifier System, and more.

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